Good afternoon, professors. I’m very happy to attend this interview.

My name is Wang ChenShuo. I’m 21 years old. I was born in Tianjin. I’m currently a senior student majoring in telecommunication in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. 

People who know me best say that I am a self-motivated person. When I was participating in the university innovation competition, and I remember that was a week before the final judge, in order to realize the function of text classification, I stayed with my computer coding day and night, and finally we made it. Eventrually, our final works of enterprise risk prediction system obtained national evaluation, and teachers’ compliment.

Furthermore, I am a person with great perseverance. During the days when preparing for the first examination, I insisted on swimming every day, and by the way won the championship of swimming in my college.

I’ve got strong passion on machine learning, cause it's the fundamental theory of artificial intelligence, it is so cool and has changed people’s lives in every aspects. I hope I could learn those theories of machine learning in my postgraduate and use them flexibly in natural language processing and computer vision. 

I would be very honored if you could grant me the opportunity to study here. I truly hope I could be part of our university. Thank you.



I like swimming after classes, I was the champion of swimming in my colledge last year. 

And I like to read books in my leisure time, my favourate book are about bussiness, history, and politics, those books shaped my values and teaches me how to observe the world. 

After reading, I'd like to write. I have my own website ivenwang.com, I post articals about my thoughts towards life and current events, and also, posting technology aricals like other programmers do. these experience improved my ability to express and my logical thinking skills.

the most impressive book

The auther I like the most is Wujun, he was a researher at Google and Tencent. In his books, for example,  I've learned the rise and falls of Internet companys, and how a company follow the trends and gain success. 

The most impressive book to me is THE WISDOM OF LIFE by Schopenhauer. It had a great influence on the formation of my character, It comfirms that it is cool to stay with myself alone, and what I should chase for my life is not money but a sense of happniess and compishment. At that time, I turned into a person focusing on my own things instead of interrupetd by others' comments.

What are you good at?

I'm good at taking photos, making videos, making powerpoint which must be credit to my work experience in a film company. Also, I'm good at swimming, I was the champion of swimming in my colledge last year. 

strength? / character

I'm a highly self-motivated person. / I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done, and constantly optimize my plans and goals during the process step by step. I would just try my best, instead of pursuing perfect. I'm always optimistic and positive, and I will never feel furstrated, because I'm solution-orientid. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I'd planned, which in return, will motivate me to have a further plan.


I'm not good at interpersonal skills. So during the past four years in my collegde, I did a lot to overcome that. For instance, I've partivcipated lots of volunteer projects, once i've stayed in Ukrine for a month as a international volunteer on cutural integration. And i've organized a lot events with my classmates, which enhanced my ability of organization and leadership.


My family is warm and harmonious, my parents are both kind and hardworking. Although I am the only child in my family, my parents taught me to share, and never be selfish. They taught me to be a kind person, and to pursue happiness with my own efforts. We share lots of love in the family, and i'm very grateful to them. I hope I could buy them a house with a small garden which is their dream. 


I born in Tianjin, which is one of the biggist industrial citis in china. It's famous for XiangSheng & foods. People here are satisfied with themselves, and live a simple and happy life. However, tianjin's economy has fallen in recent years, and missed the trend of the Internet economy, which is also the reason I come to beijing for university. I wish i could contribute to the economy there if someday i've got companies, just like, u know, mayun's alibaba to hangzhou.




我有一个国家级的科创项目,我是负责人,是做一个股票风险监测系统,就是把爬虫爬到的新闻做风险识别和实体识别,在评分,得到企业的健康度。风险识别就是文本分类,用的CNN,实体识别用的(网上下载的,还要研究一下),评分我就是用一个情感词典,来对应新闻里的情感词语,根据这个感情色彩来打分,最后加权得到企业的健康度。为了展示,我们还做了个自动文摘,最终做出来一个包含企业信息,企业风险事件,企业风险评分的知识图谱。当时做的时候感觉非常难,因为步骤的确挺多的,用了好几种 NLP 技术,当然,当时只是套模型,没有深入理解。但是在我最终做成了之后,有一点点成就感,就更想弄明白每个模型都是什么原理,于是报考咱们学校,想进一步学习。

I have an innovation competetion project. I am the person in charge. The project is to moniter the risk of companies on the stock market. Using the news that crawld by a spider, and identify the entities and type of risks from news, and score the health of the companies. Most of the codes were written by me.

In order to demonstrate, we finally produced a knowledge map containing 3000+ companies, for each company, there got its information, its risk events summerize, and its healthy scores. 

During the implementation of the code, I read lots of technology blogs on the internet, and learned the use of frameworks such as TF and keras, which is also an essential ability for my future research. And eventually, we use CNN and RNN to realize our system, which broadened my professional knowledge and polished up my practical skills. Through this experience, I find that knowledge is limitless, which firms my determination to further my study.

// 这段删除,在老师问到的时候再说
// Risk recognition, which is acually a text classification problem, we use a CNN; and for entity recognition, we use an RNN. And I use an emotional dictionary to score the news and finally compute the health of companies by adding those scores in different weights. We also made summerizes for every news, which is based on dependency parser and semantic role lableing》

// 这段删除,在老师问到的时候再说
// It was very difficult at first, because the steps were quite much, and lots of NLP methods were used. At that time, I just copy other's modles without deep understanding. But after I finally made it, I've got a sense of accomplishment, and I wanted to understand the principles behind each model, so I attend courses such as machine learing in our university. But as I learn, I found I've got weak foundations on math and algorithms, so I decided to prepare for postgraduate, and I applied for our school to learn much more.


I am an undergraduate at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication. My university is in the leading position in the field of telecommunication. I love my university. It gave me the initial courage to begin my colledge life. The perfect patience of my teachers comforted my study anxiety, and they taught me how to be an academic person, which is always stand on the solid ground, and always do the solid research work.


My roommates are very nice people, we have classes together, have lunches together, and when someone's in trouble, everyone will try to help him together. Their diligence motivated me to devote more energy into study. We help each other in study and life. Our room is often filled with laughter and joy. For now, it is the year of graduation, I believe each of us will have a bright future after graduation.

your major

I major in telecommunicaion,

most impressive course


In the third year of university, I attended a machine learning course, which is for postgraduates and doctors. In this course, I finally understand what neural networks are: I learned the basics of density estimation, nearest neighbors, linear models, support vector machines, and so on. Knowing that neural network is just a structure used to fit functions, not a black box. And from then, various of mathematical principles in this field make me fascinated, and motivated me to learn further.

professional book

During the days when I was preparing for the first examination, I've read a lot of text books on computer science, including algorithms and data structure, coputer networks, computer organization, opreating systemsa and so on. 

In the machine learning field, I've read a book statistical natrual langurage processing by zongchengqin, I learn the basic knolegde in NLP from this book. However, to tell the truth,I mainly learn knowledges from the courses in the internet, and tecnology articals and blogs in csdn or github, and papers from top conferences. I think in this era, the internet is the best teacher. 


I've won the national prize in innovation competition. And I've won the first prize in English competition, which is about speech.

graduation thesis


我利用 XX 。

在这个过程中,我阅读了各种相关文献,对深度聚类,特征提取,都有一定的深入了解。在代码的实现过程之中,我学习了 TF keras 等框架的使用,这对于我之后的研究也是必不可少的能力。


My undergraduate thesis is about Deep Clustering for Visual Data. The ultimate goal is to achieve image clustering and feature extration simultaneously. 


In this process, I read various related literatures, and have a better understanding of deep clustering and feature extraction. During the implementation of the code, I learned the use of frameworks such as TF keras, which is also an essential ability for my future research.

In addition, I have compiled the papers I have read before and made a review about deep clustering. In the process of completing the review, I learned a lot of scientific research methods, such as how to read the paper, how to make an abstract, how to make a summary, how to summarize the progress every week, how to optimize the original plan, and so on. These are the soft skills of research, which will definitely lay a solid foundation for my future postgraduate study and be very helpful for my future research.






The first reason is that I have a strong passion to further explore machine learning. The undergraduate study is mainly concerned the basic knowledge and general theory. I have a long way to go before becoming a researcher of machine learning, so I want to stand on a higher platform, enrich my knowledge, and make the greatest contribution this subject.

The second reason is that I want to compensate what I lost in the past time. After entering university life, I didn't pay all the effort on my major study. So when I devote all my time and energy to prepare the postgraduate exam, when I stand here today, I realized the true value of youth, which is to work hard.

To be a postgraduate student really means a lot to me, which is the result of long-term effort of day and night, the persistence of never giving up, the excitement of getting to know the score, and the deep understanding of my pursuit. So I truly hope I could be a postundergraduate learning data science in Peking University.

Why data science major / change your major

兴趣 具体到点-学到什么 有了XX的研究方向 

Computer science acturally exerts great fascination on me in the undergraduate stage. Compared with my original major of telecommunication, it has 2 unique features that appeal to me most.

First is its prcticality. Programming really changed my life and it brings me a lot of convenience. I wrote programmes to remove the watermark, I wrote programmes to compare the historical performance of different stocks and funds. I even wrote a program to buy the goods on Taobao faster than human.

Second one is data science is a leading technology in computer science, which i think will definitely change the world. I hope I could learn those state-of-the-art theories.

Therefore, I 've gro strong passion on machine learning. In fact, during my undergraduate, almost all of my actively study is in the major of computer science. All of those are originated from my intrest and passion on data science. Even if I will encounter difficulties, I will never be discouraged, cause it is my motivating power.

Why choose PKU



My good friend in high school is studying at the Physics College of Peking University. When communicating with him, not only can I often feel his love for scientific research and rigorous thinking, but I also see great ambitions about our society. I have also some friends of Peking University's, I admire these people very much, and I also want to be such a person. I want to stand on a higher platform, enrich my knowledge, and make the greatest contribution to our country.

A good university does not only pour specific knowledge into the students' mind, but also plant a seed in their hearts, which will inspire them to be a better man physically, mentally, academically and spiritually. And Peking University is such a good university.



1. 在暑假学习 TF & Keras 的使用,过托福;
2. 研一打好基础:凸优化,非凸优化,矩阵分析,统计学习方法,机器学习经典算法,计算语言学,图像音频处理;同时给导师和学长打杂,熟悉研究流程,找到论点
3. 研二研三:论点->论文 循环;直博?出国?待定


I will make my study arrangement according to the semesters. The first semester is the best time to build the theory foundation, so I will devote all the time to learn optimization, matrix analyze, statistical learning methods, computational linguistics and other lecturs or seminars. And assist my supervisor to do some detaild work in the programme. I will read all the books my supervisor recommends and try to read as many books as possible. 

In the next two semesters, I will do researches and write thesis with the guidance of my supervisor. My principle is the earlier, the better. I have a strong willing to publish papers on top level conferences, like AAAI and CVPR.

Plans was just what I imagined according to my current congnition, maybe not reasonable and practical, but I always hold the belief that action speaks louder than words. Beacuse a qualified postgraguate student should act before he speaks and afterwards speaks according to his action.


I'm interested in the fundamental theories and the mathematical theories of machine learning. And, to tell the truth, I just made efforts in the subfields including deep clustering, text classification and Named Entity Recognition. And I just read abook about NLP, so my knowledge is not enough to drive me to make a choice on the directions I will research. As far as I've learned, I'm interested at (dialogue systems(在场的老师的研究方向有什么,到时候改成那几个)) the most,

# 导师对应方向的英文专有名词见 numbers



Indeed, now I have half the chance to success and half to fail. If I'm failed, I will first find the reasons and reflect on the shortcomings of myself. Read more professional books and literature, re-learn mathematics and professional courses, lay a more solid foundation, and prepare to apply for Peking University for a second time. Through these ways, I will spare no efforts to correct my imperfections. Regardless of what the result is, I will never give up on my pursuit of my dream.




When I first entered the university, I felt that I could finally have the opportunity to explore the society, so I spent the first two years of college to actively try different occupations. This led me to be a passive state of learning. And I was not interested in my major of telecommunication, so my academic performance was very poor. 

But in the year of preparing for the postgraduate examination, I read those professional books and implemented those algorithms, I deeply felt the charm of machine learning. 

So in the year of preparing for the exam, I changed a lot. I walked into the library at 7 o'clock every day and leave at 11 o'clock at night. It's the passion of machine learning and longing for Peking university that drive me to change, and I believe this passion could also support me to persist to the end in my scientific research. I truly hope I could enter the field of scientific research and make a difference.


I've got 3 ways to face the time arrengement problem.

To start with, I only contentrate to one thing at a time, it's like processes in an oprating system, too frequently switch the process will lead to low efficiency. And secondly, I've got a to-do-list for every week, and I will imagine the plan for the next day before I sleep. And lastly, I will give up those unimportant things, such as parties, and guarantee to finish the most important things every day.